Wills & Inheritance Planning

Why is this so important?  The answers are simple.  If you do not:

  • Have a Will
  • Have a Planning Strategy
  • Plan Care for your Family and loved ones


  • Dying Intestate (without a Will) means that you will have no say in where your estate goes.  Anything in a Taxable Estate over £325K could be subject to tax at 40%; therefore almost half of your Estate that you have worked hard for would go, not to your Family, but to the Chancellor.
  • You could be forced to sell your home to cover care costs.
  • You may have not ensured there is financial provision for your dependents, or specified who should care for them in your absence.


Tax Planning


Don’t leave it to chance. Jackson Calvert and Countrywide Legal Services can provide the solutions tailored for your specific needs.  The cost of planning is not expensive or excessive and the initial “Fact Finding” seminar is FREE!

Inheritance Planning

Care Costs Planning

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